My favorite part of setting up my website was customizing my WordPress theme. WordPress has free themes available, but they are quite limited in how you can customize them. Most people have an idea in their mind of what they want their website to look like, and it’s frustrating when you can’t figure out how to make it look the way you want. What makes it more frustrating is that it’s probably impossible to do exactly what you want on the free WordPress themes. I was lucky in that my husband owned a WordPress theme that I was able to download onto my site. It would have taken me a long time to cough up the money to buy one on my own, but now that I have seen the light, I can’t recommend it enough. My top three reasons for why you should invest in a WordPress theme:

Reason #1: They’re Fully Customizable

I got the Avada theme and I have been able to make my website look exactly how I want it to. It is so flexible and there are so many different tools and features. There’s so much, it’s almost overwhelming. But it’s better to have too many options than not enough. You can even add you own CSS code if you want to edit things that aren’t built-in to the theme. It can be intimidating at first, but this leads me to my next reason…

Reason #2: Tons of Support

For every question I had, I could Google it and find an answer to it. There is so much support online, particularly for the Avada theme. The only things I still don’t know are how to change the background color on a post slider and how to make my MailChimp pop-up work consistently. There are so many forums and websites that you can scour for help. I already had a foundation for how WordPress worked, but I had no other web design or coding experience. Within a week, I had customized my site and learned all the ins and outs of Avada that I needed to make my website how I wanted. I also know that there are more options and I can redesign my website as my tastes evolve.

Reason #3: Cheap

Avada is only $39. It’s a one-time purchase so you don’t have to pay a monthly fee and you can use it on multiple websites if you have more than one. They update it regularly and add features, so you’ll never need another theme once you buy it. There are tons of other theme options, but Avada is the #1 selling one and is very versatile. I’ve been happy with it so far.

If you’re trying to make money off your blog, I would invest in a WordPress theme. It will make your website look a lot more professional and will save you from the frustrations of free themes.