2019 Goals

2018 in Review Wow, I hadn't realized how long it has been since I blogged. 2018 was not the best year for me. I felt sick, depressed, and burned out through most of it. But some good things did happen. Hayden and I moved out of his parent's basement and [...]

Family Proclamation Freebie

A couple weeks ago, the prophet of our church, President Russel M. Nelson, and his wife, Wendy, spoke in a youth fireside. In their messages, they encouraged us to take a break from social media. I decided to try it. I spent 7 days without going on social media. [...]

Plant Goals

I just wanted to round up some pictures of all my plant goals. Inside: Greenery, indoor fruit trees, and minimalistic pots Outside: Dahlias, wildflowers, and a vegetable garden             .           .           .           .  [...]

Start Today

I always have intentions of writing more regularly, but I'm a slow writer and get lost in my thoughts and never actually post. So once again inspired by Austin Kleon, I am deciding to just write. I want to build the consistent habit of writing and publishing online to help [...]

Spring Break Recap

Spring Break is finishing up. Just wanted to round up a list of things I've been up to lately. In no particular order... 1. We're homeowners! Hayden and I officially bought our first home. After searching for almost a year, we found a house that fit nearly every criteria. [...]


So my school meets as a faculty every Friday morning for collaboration time. Last Friday, the principal gathered us all together and wanted to share what she learned at some leadership training that she went to. She started by saying that the definition of stress is when you have strayed [...]