Every time I travel, I can’t get over how beautiful this world is that we live in. My latest trip was to the Hawaiian island of Maui. For more details on what we did there, you can read my last post. In this post, I wanted to share some color palettes inspired by the tropical scenes of the island. You can view my process for creating color schemes here.

Blue Color Palettes

While it was mostly overcast and rainy during our trip, that did not stop us from adventuring all over the island. The rain actually served to make the landscape more lush and the colors more vibrant. Here are some blue and gray color palettes drawn from the Pacific Ocean, the city of Lahaina, volcanic rock, and the summit of Haleakala.

Green Color Palettes

You can’t go to Maui without falling in love with all the foliage that graces the island at every turn. Here are some green and brown color palettes taken from all the greenery we saw on the Hana Highway, in Iao Valley State Park, Haleakala National Park, and Olowalu Beach.

Bright Color Palettes

The Garden of Eden Arboretum was a gold mine for color. It was one of our first stops while traveling the Hana Highway. With over 700 named botanical species and 26 acres of land, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this garden. Below are just a handful of the vibrant flowers we saw in Maui, most of these found in the Garden of Eden Arboretum (though I was surprised to see some bright colors at the summit of Haleakala as well).

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