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Hi there! It’s Michelle. I’m a middle school teacher by trade and a designer at heart.

Right now I teach technology & engineering classes to middle schoolers. Even though teaching 200+ teenagers has its ups and downs, I love being able to teach them about the design process and see them solve problems, mostly on their own. My teaching philosophy is that learning should be intrinsic and that kids should WANT to learn regardless of what their grade will be at the end. I try to make my curriculum as engaging as possible by providing the scaffolding for learning, but then letting go and allowing the students to own their learning. I also take the design of my curriculum seriously and love producing beautiful PowerPoints and worksheets to make the experience as user-friendly as possible.

When I’m not teaching in the classroom, you can find me honing my design skills. You might say I have a love affair with the Adobe Suite. I am a sucker for minimalistic design, geometry, and things that people typically discard as unsightly or commonplace (like powerlines and dirty dishes).

Thanks for stopping by my humble hovel on the internet. Don’t hesitate to view my portfolio & leave me a comment!