This is the last of my travelogues for a while. In our last attempt to escape the cold, we drove down to Sedona, Arizona to go camping for President’s Day weekend. Hayden and I headed this way in 2017 and the weather was overcast, but it wasn’t freezing cold, so we thought it would be fine this year. The weather forecast made it seem like it would be okay, though it hadn’t predicted the winter storm. We should have been warned by the fact that 99% of the campgrounds don’t open until May. We drove down anyway on Friday with Mr. Heater in tow. On Saturday, we hiked to Devil’s Bridge. In light hail. It was cool, but not nearly as spectacular as Utah’s Arches. Then we ate lunch and hiked Doe Mountain. We liked Doe Mountain better because it was only .6 miles to get to a gorgeous view from atop a mesa. Then we went back to camp for dinner. We spent the night, but in the morning, it was supposed to snow and we thought it was too cold to do any more hiking, so we packed up camp and drove home. We attempted to stop by Horseshoe Bend on the way back, but the parking lot is under construction so they charge $5 per guest to take a shuttle. And it looks like they’re building a toll booth so my guess is it will cost in the future as well. Most of us had already seen the landmark, so we passed. Maybe we’ll go back again sometime in the spring!

Overall, Sedona is a beautiful place and I loved walking around downtown and seeing the handcrafted trinkets. I’m so glad that I can continue the tradition of hiking and camping that I grew up with!

Stay classy friends,